This blog is meant to document my learning journey, as I am studying elementary statistics and R.  To be exact, I want to learn data science, more than statistics:

By way of background, I am a physician practicing clinical medicine (as opposed to various flavors of research). Like most clinicians, my prior education in stats is exceptionally poor,  consisting mostly of heroic last-minute attempts at memorizing scraps of frequentist stuff needed to pass various exams.

My goals are to organize my thoughts and notes about distributions, frequentist two sample and ANOVA tests, power calculations, simple and multivariable regression, and survival analysis.

Medium-term, I am very interested in moving past frequentist reasoning to Bayesian and information theoretic approaches:

(Image credit: John D Cook).

I like this pithy summary of the frequentist-Bayesian debate, by Darren L Dahly:

Frequentist and Bayesian views of probability are both useful fictions.
Both require statistical and subject matter expertise.
Both suffer when “defaults” are used.
Both use prior knowledge.
Both are subjective.